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Email Accounts
Web based and POP 3 e-mail accounts

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Email Accounts

Free Site Tools E-mail
Your One Stop Access for E-mail, Anytime, Anywhere! An all-inclusive email solution. Your email is available anytime, anywhere. All you need to check your email is to use any available web browser.
Internet search engine and directory offering free e-mail accounts for its members (
Free email Accounts with new features like single character email accounts such as etc.
Sign Up A Free Email Account and Get you model profile Or Matrimonial Profile Hosted Free

FREE E-Mail and web tools for webmasters to nuns to cats to snakes. Something for everyone...

Hot Mail
Features include mail filtering, spell checker, signature option, add up to 20 recipients per message, add attachments and more.

Alta Vista
Web based. Read email on the web, forward messages anywhere, read email through your favorite email program - you can do it all! PLUS you get to choose your own unique email address at,, or any one of our 300 quality email names.

Pronto Mail
With ProntoMail you receive a free permanent E-mail address and personal home page that doesn't change no matter how often you change ISPs, employment or schools.

Friendly e-mail
Web based. Several domains to choose from

Offers web-based and POP mail services, plus 5MB of space for storing messages and address books, filters etc.

FREE Web-based e-mail, available through any Internet connection anytime, anywhere. Easy to use.

Free web-based email, POP mail, mail forwarding and retrieval of email from an existing account.
Free 10MB eMail with addressbook, calendar, POP3 access, IMAP access, WebMail access, and WAP access + many more features. Many domain names to choose from aswell!

World Most
Free 10MB eMail with addressbook, calendar, webbased, pop3 and a Cool domain name -

Fast, easy to use, clutter free email services.

Freeze Mail
Sign-up for an email address today and receive 3MB's of disk space, all of your support inquiries answered within 48 hours, and access to your email anytime.

Free Email Providers Guide
Comprehesive of free email services, including searchable database of email providers by feature. Other eCommunications listings as well as webmaster resources, etc.

Free email account:
Offers 6mb, stationery background, fonts styles/sizes, spam-blocker and message search utility. Get it for free.

Aah, Singles! Free Mail
Get your free email account for life with 6MB of space at Aah, Singles! Mail. Sign up to get that special user-name you've always wanted You can check your mail everywhere anywhere you want. Free web based e-mail account, clean, simple and fast! Features include message filtering, reminders, address book, IMAP and POP3 checkers and more.

POP 3. Good one. No mass e-mailing of any kind allowed.

POP 3. A few domain names. Compatible with most services, including Netscape, Eudora, Pegasus and MH.

A free Web-based email service offered by American Express and powered by USA.NET. With the wide range of AmExMail features.

POP 3 and web based. Recommend using Netscape 3 or higher, or Internet Explorer 3 or higher.