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Specialized E-mail
E-mail reminders, communities and more

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Specialized E-mail

The Katarn Corp
The Katarn Corp : free softwares including K-ML a mailling list manager.

FlexWindow enables users to update their web site by e-mail. Users can use this service to quickly update news flashes, advertisements, product information, stories, etc.

Find Me E-mail
Offers a place to post your new E-mail address for your old E-mail contacts.

A free e-mail reminder service. Also use this service to promote events of your own.

A free e-mail community service where you can start and manage new communities, subscribe to existing communities and view archives of old messages.

mailto Encoder
The Encoder will format your E-mail address in a way that IS NOT readable by any E-mail extractor or search engine.

Offer your users FREE web-based email with YOUR domain name.