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Welcome. is a collection of quality tools for Webmasters, over 1400 Directory resources for your web development needs, and insightful articles/tips. Don't forget to check out our on-site webmaster tools and resources. Our content is updated on a weekly basis. Please Bookmark Us! (Ctrl+D)

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NEW: How To Launch a Community with a Forum. Tips and mistakes to avoid. Catch the crooks and protect yourself in How To Purchase or Sell a developed Web Site. Tips and advice you won't find anywhere else. An article on Moving Your Web Site To A New Web Host. An article in our Due Diligence series: Google Search Engine Research - Step 5. Our Google PageRank Secrets & Tips Article tells the truth about this over-hyped feature. Try our Google Dance Tool. Includes instructions and help.
Previous News:
An article in our Due Diligence series: Webmaster Forum Research - Step 4. Two additional methods for creating a DropDown Menu Using JavaScript. A new Article for your reading pleasure: Building Community with vBulletin. This week we review a dandy free script, Amazon Affiliate Program Product Feed Banner Script for those of you using their Affiliate Programs. Our review and tips for the the best free counter script we have ever seen. Read vBulletin Hack - Tips with Search Engine Secrets and learn how we include this data in this site and optamize our Google Search Engine listings. We upgraded our Search Engine Position Analyzer tool and included some Tips to help you. It's dramatically faster, accurate, and supports 20 Search Engines and Directories. Our Link Popularity Check tool with tips to help you promote and evaluate your site. Four new Product Reviews for your reading pleasure. More quality tools to build your menu, navbar, topbar, find domain names, and learn Unix. Our giant Webmaster Directory is live. 1400+ Webmaster tools to help build, promote, improve and maintain websites. Websites, templates, graphics, editors, flash, java, domains, asp, online tools, php, fonts, promotion, html, tutorials, and much more.

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Over 1400 Resources For Webmasters
Antivirus, fonts, software, pc help and more for your computer.
Online tools, editors, chat clients, FTP, font, music, e-mail and promotion software, flash tools, imagemap programs, link validation and website monitoring.
Submissions, banner exchanges, classifieds, awards, marketing software, ad and link exchanges, search engines, directories, webrings, and more.
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Low Cost Domain Registration, Hosting, Parking, Appraisers, Domains for Sale, and Valuable Tools.
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Online disk space, pagers, phone and fax services, news, e-mail, legal info and ISPs.

Website Graphics, Animation, ClipArt, Borders, Background, Logos, Creators, Editors, Flash and Shockwave, Interfaces, Banners, Utilities, Holidays, Music and Sound.

Editors, tutorials, and scripts: Java, HTML, perl, CGI, CSS, DHTML, remotely hosted, VRML, delphi, pascal, C and C++, visual basic, PHP, flash and shockwave, XML and ASP.
Web Design
Desgin services, templates, and interfaces.
Other Sites
Forums, Other Free Sites, General and Webmaster.
Web Sites
Web space and URL Redirection.
Learn perl, CGI, java, HTML, CSS, VRML, delphi, ASP, XML, visual basic,
C and C++, flash and shockwave, PHP and pascal tutorials.
Geek Shopping
Our favorite stores and sites for Clothing, Hardware, Software, and Books.

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Internet Marketing and Promotion
Web Site Development & Design
Web Site Design Tips
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Google PageRank Secrets & Tips
Amazon Affiliate Program Product Feed Banner Script
PowerPhlogger. A free counter for your web site
vBulletin Hack - Tips with Search Engine Secrets
How to Improve Your Rankings on Google
How to Submit to the Open Directory (DMOZ)
Top Search Engine Optimization Tool

Site Design:
The Psychology of Color and Internet Marketing

Site Building:
How To Launch a Community with a Forum. Tips and mistakes to avoid
Moving Your Web Site To A New Web Host
DropDown Menu Using JavaScript
Building Community with vBulletin
Pick the Perfect Domain Name

NEW Exclusive Series:
The Internet is a dangerous place full of hucksters and scam artists. Follow our step by step procedure to avoid the land mines:

How To Purchase or Sell a developed Web Site
Examine The Site - Step 1
The Whois Records - Step 2
Business Name - Traffic - Step 3

Webmaster Forum Research - Step 4

Google Search Engine Research - Step 5

View our editorial schedule to glean a sense of what we plan to cover.

Looking for great tools and resources for webmaster? You are already here!

Our most popular article: Verifying business names and site traffic. Internally, we call some of these procedures "The kiss of death" because a single red flag often means it's time to leave! We assume you have already properly completed Steps 1-2 and your results indicate it's worthwhile to proceeded with this step. Open the site you are investigating in a new window. Read more.

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