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CGI Scripts
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CGI Scripts

A huge directory of scripts in all languages. Our first choice for a search. - provides of high-quality Perl (feedback form, guestbook, voting, etc.) and Java scripts for your website.

Andrew's CGI Scripts
Free CGI scripts and custom CGI scripts are located here! If you need custom programming, custom cgi or custom perl, check us out!
CGI and Perl script, Tips, Samples and much more!

Ratesaver Links Page Script
Links page CGI script for UNIX webservers. Robust, doesn't get corrupted. Options to collect email addresses, to stop sending to given addresses, more. Detailed installation instructions, no CGI experience necessary.
For those without a CGI-BIN or equivalent directory this is the answer for you! offers over 25 free remotely hosted CGI scripts. Includes auction scripts, web boards, counters, guestbooks and much more.

CGI Storehouse
Here you'll find free CGI scripts ranging from ad rotation software, counters, form-to-email handlers, to message boards, guestbooks, feedback programs, and MORE!

Script Search
CGI, JAVA, Visual Basic and more. 5000+ scripts.

A collection of free perl cgi scripts. The first place we send "newbies".

Matt's Script Archive
One of the most popular CGI script archives.

14 free scripts available.

CGI Scripts to Go
50 CGI and Perl scripts available.

Programmers bid on clients programming projects, just like an auction. Feedback for programmers and clients is posted. FREE registration!

Find FREE Easy to configure CGI Scripts like Conter, FormMail, Password Protectio, Links Manager, etc. Monthly Newsletter to keep you updated in the CGI-Perl World.
Collection of remotely hosted and other scripts for automation of different Web routines. Marketing, research, scheduling, submitting, web-touring and other.
Offers free and commercial perl/CGI scripts for webmasters, and any type of cgi works : cgi installations, customizations and custom work.

Croesus Design and Promotion
Programs, links and resources to help you build content and improve your web identity.

WebAvail Productions
Specializing in ASP Programming we have scripts that will enhance you web site and add dynamic content.

High-quality Perl CGI scripts and log analysis tools: WebLog, WebTester, WebBBS, WebAdverts, WebCal, WebSearch and more.

The CGI Resource Index
Huge list of CGI programs and scripts.

CGI City
100+ CGI and Perl scripts to choose from.

Fluid Dynamics
8 CGI scripts