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Website Content

Gameservice for websiteowners, who wants personal onlinegames at their website, but donīt want to spend thousands of dollars on developing.

Download Free Script to Start your Free Hosting Service or Search for Webmaster Tools.
Free casino games for your site. Fully customizable games include hosting, user point memory and more.

Form Resources
Form Resources has hundreds of free, ready-made forms that webmasters can add to their web sites in minutes. All forms are processed remotely so no CGI is required. (Not mail forms)
Add a Daily Quotation to your HomePage. With our Dinamic Daily Quotation Tool you can get more loyal an valuable visitors and a better Dinamic Website.
NewsMaker is a smooth-scrolling news ticker-scroller that reads its items and links from a text file. Comes with free software tool to make message-and-link file. Supports background images and sound. Automatic headlining, auto-wrap, and more. Free for private/non-profit use.

Twisted History
With one simple line of code, you can give your visitors Today-In-History events from the annals of weirdness.
Add hours of comedy content to your website for free. Streaming original material from great comics like George Carlin. Simply cut and paste to add hours of laughter.

SMS messaging and music information content for your site. Free off line branding through SMS texting.