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Sites that host several different scripts.

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General Hosted & Misc. is FREE Tell A Friend service, and loaded with very nice design and features. We provide theme capability, link exchange network, custom logo, newsletter integration, and real-time statistics.

Ad-free remotely hosted scripts. Get counters, web polls, mailing lists, banner rotators, form 2 email, and more, even if you don't have a cgi-bin or know how to program web scripts!

Visiono provide a complete customer management platform for web masters for free.
Webmaster tools Including free forum, free guestbooks, free contests, free classifieds and much much more. Webmaster resources including free web hosting, banner program, affilate program and script language.
Webmaster Plug-in Tools provided you one stop plug-in tools, promote your website included ClassADs, Chat room, NewsWatch and more... Currency Converter for eCommerce
Enables your web site to display your prices in both your base currency and your visitor's home currency, using up-to-date exchange rates. No coding required!
Free remotely hosted CGI scripts including message boards, password protection, guestbooks, mailing lists, form mailer, random links, jump boxes and much more!

Nexus Web Development
Free webmaster tools and services, graphics, guestbooks, message boards, counters, statistics, polls, forms, CGI scripts, classifieds, shopping carts, submissions, software.

MY3Q - Online Questionnaire Composer
Composer for Questionnaire, Survey, Polling. Provide statistical report and data download. Simple, direct, completely programming free!
Poll. Custom Form. Press Room. News Publisher. Recommend. Feedback. SiteMason is home to remotely hosted web site-enhancing tools. They are free, with banner ads, or can be purchased on a month-to-month basis.

Web Apps
Offer added free interactivity and database functionality for your site. You can instantly design and create and internet database and email auto-responder. Accessible only from your site.

CGI For Me
Offers 14 free services, message board, guestbook, password protection, voting booth, random link, random banner, counter, clock / date, search engine, anti spam, feedback forms and more.

Spruce up your web site with high quality free chat rooms, message boards, quizlets, graphics, hit counters and Smartlinks.