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Polls for your website

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Polls and Voting

Dream Tools
Offers free webmaster tools including voting poll and message board. provides free high value application services to your web site with your site's look & feel. Polls, search the web, search your site, message boards, auctions and classifieds, forms and more.

GlobalGuest Poll Service
Create a free poll for your webpage and let your visitors vote. Easily retrofits with your webpage and can be fully customized. Easy to setup and use.

Create many polls with one account for free!
Free web online forms, web polls, guestbook, custom forms, intra-search, and other tools.

Highly customizable and easy to use free web polls for webmasters. The best control panel for poll owner on the web!

Web Polls
Get a free web poll for your web site. Easy to set up and configure, with no ads! is an easy way to add customized, interactive polls to your web site. They are fast, easy, and FREE! Get instant feedback from your site's visitors!

Allows you to generate real-time polls for visitors to your web site for free.

Alx' Free Web Polls
Create a free web poll for your homepage. Alx' Free Web Polls offers an easy way to add interactivity to your site. No CGI programming necessary.