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MultiChat V2.0
FREE chat room software for web sites. They have implemented a number of NEW features including: New User Features, Fast Applet loading time, Improved User Interface, Improved Applet and Server Performance.

A new free beta program that is highly configurable and easy to use. Many features.

Add a java chat applet on your page with minimal work! Just copy and paste the code on your page, and your chat is all setup.

Freeware perl CGI chat script specifically designed to work on every browser available, from Lynx to Netscape! It requires absolutely no special software on the client side and doesn't require plug-ins such as Java, Javascript, or ActiveX.

The Prochatting Community
The Prochatting Community, provides free family based chat for people of all ages. We use Chatspace V2.0 JAVA, the best on the net!

AOL Instant Messenger
Chat with anyone on AOL if you have it or not. It allows you tell when your friends are online and when they are offline. AOL Instant Messenger now includes Buddy Chat so you and your pals can chat together.

Microsoft NetMeeting
Allows you to hold "Virtual Real-Time Meetings" with various tools to communicate with others. You can use video and audio to have chats with friends or conferences for work.