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Imagemap Programs
Make imagemaps from your own graphics

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Make client side imagemaps, which work without any special configuration in all modern web browsers. Just open your HTML document directly with Mapedit and start adding hotspots to your image, then hit save to add the imagemap directly to your page.

Meracl ImageMap Generator
An image map that will take you to the page "diva.htm" if you click on the area specified by the coordinates. When you're finished with specifying the coordinates you're just a click away from producing the HTML code (the second screenshot).

ShoeString's Picture Dicer
A Freeware tool that chops any image file into several smaller images, suitable for creating mouseover effects and pseudo-imagemaps on Web pages. It also generates the HTML for a table to contain the partial images and display them so they appear as the original uncut image.

MapMakerPro LITE
Creates client-side image maps from your GIF, JPG file. Just Drag and Drop your image file onto MapMakerPro LITE and start creating your map. The finished map can be saved to a file or to the clipboard for rapid inclusion into a web page. Now with Circular Map Areas!