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Website Monitoring
Make sure your website is working and available.

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Website Monitoring
Monitor your web sites and other servers for free.
Provides affordable website monitoring, alerting, and downtime tracking. Free trial for new signups.

Uptime100 Professional Website Monitoring
Uptime100 provides Website and Service monitoring for FTSE100, AIM and Techmark companies, and Internet Ventures across Europe. We provide alerts via email, SMS/text message, and voice telephone.

Alertra Web Site Monitoring
Free Web site monitoring and failure notification from our global network. Get current status from a browser or WAP phone. Access detailed logs and receive weekly summary reports.

nFinite Web Site Monitor
Free site monitor that emails or pages you if your website goes down. Log in from anywhere for real-time stats including average site speed and uptime. Monitor up to 3 websites with a free account.

Web monitoring for your web page. Monitor your site 24 hours a day. Receive updates when your site goes down. Access detailed reports on site availability.

Free service that saves your favorite web pages, monitors content and sends an automatic email notification to you when a web page change is

Phoenix Website Monitor
A tool to monitor website content and availability. Includes advanced site repair and monitoring, as well as email notification. Shareware/$100
Free web site monitoring services to ensure your web site is up and functioning properly 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Peer-to-Peer distributed Web site monitoring tool
UpNet is a new peer to peer client that monitors URLs of other clients to provide distributed, safe web site monitoring. Clients that detect an off-line URL contact our server and we email you or your mobile phone within minutes of the URL going down.

InternetSeer remotely monitors your Web site every hour to insure that customers and visitors have access to your site 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

SiteProbe is a tool that checks the status of your website hourly, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This gives the webmaster more time to be creative and improve his/her content instead of constantly worrying about whether or not the site is "up". And the best news is that it is FREE!